long exposure bridge

long exposure bridge

The Ricoh GR is certainly up to this sort of shot, but I’m pushing Silver Efex Pro 2 to its limits.

It seems that the time-consuming world of multiple layered files, luminosity masks and hard-selections may await me…. either that or I simply need to get back to some honest street photography.

long exposure industry

Long exposure industry

This was shot through a 10-stop Formatt-Hitech ProStop IRND Filter. Combined with the inbuilt Ricoh GR 2 stop ND filter this allowed an exposure of a full minute at midday on a bright sunny day. The tops of the trees are visibly blurred by the slight wind. It was post-processed in Lightroom and Nik Silver Efex Pro 2, which took about four hours. Yes, I could have gone all Joel Tjintjelaar on it and spent thirty hours in Photoshop making hard selections and luminosity masks… but life is short and there are more photographs to take.