on the beach


Recently I took a look back at some shots taken last year with the Nikon V1, which I have since sold. It must be said that a handful of the photos have a noticeable look about them, a special quality… very slightly film-like (dare I say it?). This quality isn’t always present and a lot of the files look very average indeed. I’m not sure why the magic was only occasionally present, but I have to hand it to the V1 it does sometimes take a lovely photo. I won’t however be rushing out to buy another one and I certainly don’t miss the noise and low resolution files.


a moment of clarity


Another noisy, clipped, contrasty, 28mm-equivalent shot full of imperfections. I’m definitely getting more into this look.

It’s also likely to be the last photo I post from the Nikon V1 because I recently sold it. There was nothing wrong with the V1, in fact I was very fond of it, but I don’t have infinite amounts of money and the GX7 and lenses had to exact a toll somewhere.