I wasn’t looking forward to doing flatbed scans of colour film. I’d heard horror stories about how difficult it is to get accurate colours. So far I’ve not had any problems – though certainly some tweaks to white balance in Lightroom, both tint and temperature, were required.

It’s hard to go wrong with Kodak Portra anyway, it’s a wonderful film.


Leonard 2

Leonard 2

My medium format buying/testing/problem-resolution phase is finally over and I can now get on with taking real photos.  The above was shot with the lovely Bronica SQ-A using a 150mm lens fitted with an extension tube to allow for really close focus. The depth of field is so thin that only the eyes are in focus – which is exactly what I wanted.

L on instant film


Now this is more like it! I love this shot.

There’s definitely something going on here that digital simply doesn’t do.

The Polaroid SX-70 was on a tripod and fired with a cable release. This was taken indoors with some natural light from a window and a couple of ordinary household lamps to light the walls. The exposure was probably about an eighth of a second (I intentionally shot without flash).

I love the quality of this. The artifacts in the background (from the rollers?) are lovely.