landscape 70 – Holga 120N

landscape 70

I guess it was inevitable that at some point I’d buy a Holga 120N. Somehow these low-quality, medium format film cameras, with plastic bodies and lenses, a single shutter speed, and only two apertures, are capable of pure magic (as well as creating some of the most dreadful photos you’ll ever see).

The above shot is from the first roll I put through my new Holga, which cost me all of £29. I like what I see so far. No doubt there will be more to come.

instant sunken fence

instant sunken fence

This was shot with a Polaroid Image Elite camera. This was one of the later Polaroid cameras, released in 1990. Much as I love my SX-70 I couldn’t resist trying the wider format and more sensitive ISO 600 film that the Image Elite uses (in the U.S. it’s known as the Spectra). It also makes a nice backup instant camera. It cost a mere £29.