instant sunken fence

instant sunken fence

This was shot with a Polaroid Image Elite camera. This was one of the later Polaroid cameras, released in 1990. Much as I love my SX-70 I couldn’t resist trying the wider format and more sensitive ISO 600 film that the Image Elite uses (in the U.S. it’s known as the Spectra). It also makes a nice backup instant camera. It cost a mere £29.


2 thoughts on “instant sunken fence

  1. It certainly has a bygone era look about it. Would be fun to have some volunteers dress up in 1940’s clothing or bathing suits etc. and create a bygone era photograph.

    • Interestingly the composition is much clearer with this instant shot than with a digital taken at the same time. The instant reduces the scene down to the essentials: the main horizontal, the vertical poles and the waves on the left. It diffuses and smudges (and for good measure in this case adds a magenta cast to everything!). The digital shot, on the other hand, is full of distracting details in the clouds, the water and the texture of the poles; there are so many pixels full to bursting with fine detail, the noise of ‘reality’, that the resulting image is dull, cold, lifeless. It’s not always this way of course, often digital is the right way to go, but I can’t seem to leave instant photography alone.

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