ghost coast

ghost coast

This is one of the more spectacular chemistry failures I’ve had with Impossible Film for the SX-70.

I’m hoping for many more unpredictable results.

As a point of interest, if we compare it with this shot of the same location taken with a Ricoh GR, I think it’s apparent that the Ricoh is capable of capturing somewhat more detail ­čÖé


5 thoughts on “ghost coast

    • Indeed. It’s all backwards thinking with instant film; at around ┬ú2 per shot I get upset when it doesn’t go wrong. When the chemistry does a half-decent job I feel cheated.

  1. Actually, in the interests of full disclosure, I should point out that I did some post-processing on the scan. I increased contrast somewhat and balanced the exposure on the left and right-hand sides. The original film shot is very washed-out.

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