black and white challenge 1


This photo is the first I’m posting in response to a challenge that I was invited to take part in by the splendid rutakintome pictures. It’s well worth taking a look at his work.

The challenge is:

1.Post a different black and white photo of yours each day for five consecutive days.
2. Nominate a fellow blogger on each day to continue the challenge.

My first nomination is the wonderful documenting.the.obvious, what a great eye this photographer has.




7 thoughts on “black and white challenge 1

  1. i’m very honoured (and flattered) by your invitation. but i think i have to decline or at least bend the rules a little. due to the quite eclectic (or should i say erratic) nature of my blog i’m not really ready to post five black and white pictures in a row. what i could (and would) do – a gallery with five pictures and five other nominees in one go. but maybe that would not really be true to the idea of the challenge… i’m really torn. i guess i’ll have to think a bit more about it, if that’s ok?
    thanks again for your friendly words. i’m really happy you like my stuff.
    all the best,

    • No worries, I think it’s understood that the challenge is not for everyone. I took it on precisely because it will force me to post some photos that are a bit different and less considered than my usual work.

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