silver beach 5

silver beach 5

I’m not bored with these silver beach shots yet! I apologise if you are, but they really do something for me.

Normally I get one keeper out of a hundred shots, if I’m lucky, but this particular set of beach shots just keeps giving. I felt it at the time; it was one of those moments when you simply know that you are in the middle of something special.

I also like the fact that the posts are just shy of being black. This is how they should be. They looked that way to me at the time. You can see that there is a really strong light coming in low over the sea. Even human eyes can’t compensate for that. What am I building up to here? A quick dig at HDR. Many people, lost in some sort of post-processing technical ecstasy, would spend ages making those posts brighter, as if there was some unearthly light on this side of them. Even when done well these sorts of manipulations often end up creating an image that looks more like a computer rendering than a photograph – which I guess is what they are. There, I’ve said it now.



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