industrial branches


Impossible black and white film for the Polaroid SX-70 seems to be a little more sensitive to light than it should be. This can lead to some nice luminous highlights, as in some of my previous instant shots. A lot of the time however it simply results in photos that are totally over-exposed. This one was taken with the exposure compensation dial set to the darkest position.

This was processed a little in Lightroom, mainly for contrast and the blacks.


3 thoughts on “industrial branches

  1. It gives a sense obliterated. So this might look like in 100 years in many places.
    But I like the picture!
    And one should never underestimate an over or under-exposed image.

  2. Nice shot….I just went through my first pack of impossible b&w recently and have decided getting something resembling a proper exposure is actually….well, impossible…. therefore the film is correctly named!
    I don’t mind, and actually want some kind of strange reactions in the film, but for the b&w, i feel like i chucked $25 out the window. I had far better results with their color film.

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