It was a long time coming but I guess this photo represents a recognizable style for me. All the elements are there: the harsh slanting sunlight, the emphasis on formal composition (each of the four people are framed within a pane of glass, et al), the rather ‘crunchy’ high-contrast black and white, the slightly clipped blacks, the selenium split-tone, the near-anonymity of the people (who are shown within an environment and make up only a small part of the frame), the rather cold and detached mood, the obvious Ray Metzker influence… and so on.

The thing is, having got here, I now wonder what the point is. Is there anything being said here? Is this perhaps just old-school, merely decorative, chasing of light? What, if anything, does photography itself mean these days? Does it matter?

I have no idea.

It’s strange how hard I worked towards the goal of developing a signature style but now, having found one, I suddenly find it all too easy and predictable. Maybe I’ll find something new – maybe I’ll keep churning out shots like these for years to come (whenever the UK is kind enough to provide that necessary light).

In the meantime I’m about to go away for a week and, instead of street photography, I’m looking forward to shooting some old volcanoes. We’ll see what I come up with there.


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