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Rinzi Ruiz

rinzi ruiz photography: Street Photographs BW &emdash; Cut

LA based freelance photographer Rinzi Ruiz takes the most beguiling photos. His black and white street shots are lovely with very rich tones and dark blacks… just the way I like them.

Wonderful work.

I’m envious… it’s obviously time for me to get into the big city again.

volcanic rock 3


I couldn’t resist posting just one more shot of the rock formations at El Cotillo in Fuerteventura. I think this is probably the best of the three and it has much better post-processing. I also like the wider aspect ratio.


Morros de Bayuyo


I only ended up with a handful of decent landscape shots from Fuerteventura. This one is quite nice as it captures the rather bleak terrain of the island and I like the tones created by the low sun.

I was harshly reminded of a number of things on this trip, which are worth repeating here:

(1) Despite the common perception, a lone wide-angle lens is not enough for landscape work. You will need a much longer lens in many cases. One evening the moon rose spectacularly over Montaña de Arena, it really was an astonishing sight… but not through the 28mm equivalent lens on the Sigma DP1m. Through that it looked like a cigarette above a molehill and the resulting shots were dull and pointless. Of course the DP1m is a fixed lens so if I want to continue using a Sigma Merrill for landscapes (which I do) then I guess I will need to get the 75mm equivalent DP3m as well! Still, with all that sand and dust around the fixed-lens philosophy comes into it’s own.

(2) If you’re setting the hyperfocal distance to maximise the depth of field then make sure you use the settings for the right camera! I managed to use the settings for my GX7 instead of the Sigma, with the end result that most of the backgrounds are soft. This leads us to the next point.

(3) On their own the LCDs on the back of most cameras are totally inadequate for checking focus and are next to invisible in sunlight, even when it’s claimed otherwise. Because I didn’t review my shots on a computer I didn’t notice the issues with focus until it was too late. A loupe is on its way to partly deal with this issue but it’s a real shame that the Sigma Merrills don’t have EVFs.

(4) Landscape photography is hard. Even in the most spectacular places many of the resulting shots seem dull and underwhelming.

(5) If you’re actually on holiday with your kids, rather than on a dedicated shooting trip, you’re going to get precious little time to take photographs with the necessary care.


volcanic rock 2


Another shot from El Cotillo in Fuerteventura, this time in colour.

(I am a little annoyed that the rock in the lower left corner is not in focus. You’ve noticed it now haven’t you?)


volcanic rock

wpid-SDIM0324.jpgTaken at El Cotillo in Fuerteventura. I like the way this is reminiscent of some of Max Ernst’s decalomania paintings.


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