tree line


The Sigma DP1 Merrill again, of course. Every blade of grass is visible in the RAW file, though this lower-res jpeg won’t be so detailed.

I’m having fun with this camera… and expect to post more disparate styles and subjects than usual over the next few months.


merrill beach


Another one from the DP1 Merrill, which I’m currently testing.

It’s true what they say about the nice monochromes. Apart from a little extra contrast this has not been processed much at all.

I actually took this on a tripod which is not something I do very often. It’s another thing that’s so different about using this camera. With the very high resolution and the need to keep the ISO low the DP1M really gives best results when being held steady.

One thing the Sigma does not like is being pointed towards the sun. It generally creates some nasty colour artifacts if you do. I think this is partly an issue with the Foveon sensor rather than the lens.

I hear you singing in the wire (summer)


I have to hand it to the Sigma DP1 Merrill. It may be a pain in the backside to use (and a chore to post-process the images), but it really is capable of stunning image quality. It won’t be apparent from this jpeg but the resolution is astonishing; unlike anything I’ve used before. Even at 400% the detail is still present.

The 19mm lens does fringe somewhat, both magenta and green, but it can be dealt with.

This photo is a summer version of this one.

Addendum: Firstly, I have subsequently realised that describing a shot taken in March as a “summer” shot is not exactly accurate. Secondly, I’ve also noticed that the previous snowy shot was also shot in March… so we are not really talking about Summer and Winter at all but more about the vagaries of the English weather.