high and low


Yet another shot from the seaside. There’s something about coastal towns; a strange mix of moods that I’ll never tire of shooting.


Rupert Vandervell

As if Ray K Metzker and Gabriele Croppi weren’t enough to make me feel a little small with their absolute mastery of formal, high contrast, urban black and white photography… along comes London photographer Rupert Vandervell.


Yes it’s wonderful, but at the moment I’ve had enough of all this photographic brilliance; it’s enough to make me put the camera away for a while.


Gabriele Croppi

It’s not surprising, given that Ray K Metzker is one of my favourite photographers, that I’m also drawn to the beautiful black and white work of Gabriele Croppi.

His award winning Metaphysic of the Urban Landscape project, whether Italy or New York, is simply stunning. Certainly Metzker is looming in the background but so also is the painter Giorgio de Chirico.


The high contrast images are full of negative space and I love the way the blacks, which make up large areas of the composition, go all the way into true, deep black.


Croppi manages to make familiar landmarks look strange and his urban landscapes are oddly empty and uncanny. They seem to be enveloped in silence.

This is outstanding work.

I still have so much to learn!