a moment of clarity


Another noisy, clipped, contrasty, 28mm-equivalent shot full of imperfections. I’m definitely getting more into this look.

It’s also likely to be the last photo I post from the Nikon V1 because I recently sold it. There was nothing wrong with the V1, in fact I was very fond of it, but I don’t have infinite amounts of money and the GX7 and lenses had to exact a toll somewhere.




At this exact moment I’m down on perfection… I want more clipped, oily blacks, more noise, some blown highlights, a little tilt on the camera, heavy vignetting… more close-shot wide angle … more street!

This one’s heading in the right direction.

strike a pose


This is the very first posted picture from my new Panasonic GX7. 

It was taken in haste and the low shutter speed and questionable focus don’t really do justice to the Panasonic Leica 25mm that was on the camera at the time… but it certainly renders the colours nicely… and I was glad I caught such a short-lived moment at all.

strange rain


I like this one. It’s reminiscent of a René Magritte painting.

I would rather have got the brolly a little sharper but I didn’t want to blur the buildings and besides it’s not that easy to control these things when using a manual-focus Voigtlander Nokton, wide open at f1.4, at night in the pouring rain with a non weather-sealed camera, at a 60th of a second, on a busy street with everyone hurrying to get home 😉