Nikon V1 with 10mm f2.8


Eyal Binehaker

Eyal Binehaker is a magician. His street photos are full of visual puns and layered correspondences. I’m often left wondering how he does it.


Did he see this symmetry happening in real-time and catch it in the fraction of a second it took to unfold? Did he see the poster and wait for someone to come by? How long would you have to wait for this to come about? Does he take thousands of pictures and analyse them for correspondences later?

Whatever he does, the results are stunning; graffiti on a bus stop becomes cigarette smoke, clouds parallel old ladies’ hair and numerous strange coincidences emerge from the visual complexity of the world.

This is real quality and is in stark contrast to the eyalbinehaker115 completely pointless photos of people walking around in shopping centres that can be found online described as  street photography.

It takes real talent and a good eye to take photographs like these.

Frankly i’m a little jealous.