different focal length, different camera, different city


As is obvious from most of the photos on the blog I naturally tend towards more formal composition and generally shoot people in the middle distance. I still think that in the era of instagram, google glass and millions of photos being uploaded each day that deliberate composition is the key to a photographer’s identity. I decided however that it was time to experiment with some more dynamic street photography, what used to be called a snapshot aesthetic, and to also try using a 28mm equivalent lens instead of my more usual 35mm. For good measure I also got hold of a completely different camera to my Sony Nex; a Nikon V1 (don’t troll me yet! I’ll write more on this soon). So off I went to Toronto with the aim of shooting some Gary Winogrand style street (yeah… right).

Above: shopping in Yorkville. You can see that at this point I’m still a little uncertain how to handle the 28mm. It’s tempting to crop the car on the left out, but one of the “features” of the Nikon V1 is that you pretty much have to get it right when you shoot as the low pixel count doesn’t lend itself to cropping. It does convert to monochrome nicely though.

More on all of this later…


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