london architecture 3


snapshot skopar 25mm


nathan wirth

If you’re involved in any art form then every so often you’ll discover someone that makes you question everything you are doing. Nathan Wirth has left me momentarily lost. I don’t think my photography can possibly remain the same after seeing his work.


His self portraits are stunning, drenched with mood; the photographic equivalent of a Caspar David Friedrich painting.

His other work is equally special.

And yes, I am already shooting through 12 stops of black-glass!

waiting time


A new high contrast rendering of a shot taken at the same time as the one that appears in the header of this site.

Like most of my black and white shots it was processed with the X-Equals Black and White toolkit. Here there is a slight selenium toning that I really like. The shot is a little soft, which you would expect with the Voitglander wide-open, and the focus isn’t really on the guys sitting down, but this rather adds to the atmosphere.

voigtlander 40mm @f1.4